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Major Project Aberdeen, Scotland

P&J Live is the largest event complex in the North of Scotland with 48,000sqm of multi-purpose event space. The main exhibition of the AECC hall is 9,000sqm and can function as an arena accommodating 15,000 standing or 10,000 seating. It also compromises two on site hotels including Hilton and Aloft hotels with more than 350 bedrooms. The new arena was built to replace the former AECC which was constrained in the type and scale of events it can hold. Therefore, the new facility was expected to keep up with the growing demand for large-scale events and needed a complete flexible space concept. The varying activities and occupancy levels require an adaptable design, which can easily be operated to meet the challenging requirements of a diverse event schedule.

HUFCOR were selected to plan, prepare, and install 28 movable walls in total. Together with local project management experience of Cord Contracts, our Scottish Distributor, Hufcor came up with a bespoke movable partition design solution.

The project presented a few challenges which Hufcor where able to meet by calling upon global resources and many years of experience of large conference centre projects globally.

The first, in the main exhibition hall, was to provide a track system that could carry a wall over 50m wide with a total panel weight more than 25T and accommodate a potential deflection of 50mm. The solution was to use our heavy-duty aluminium track together with panels with a 100mm mechanically assisted bottom seal.

Another challenge was how to lift the meeting room wall panels from ground floor to the first floor and how to lift them into the tracks, as it was not possible to get forklift trucks into the work areas. This was achieved by delivering the 1st floor 6m tall panels some months in advance of the programmed installation date. The wall elements could be lifted by telehandlers before the dry lined walls where completed at 1st floor level, leaving an 8m wide opening, where the panels could pass through.

We also developed a lifting frame that the panels could be laid on and using electric hoists, lifted into position in the tracks. This proved to be extremely efficient and enabled us to fit 5 panels/hour with 3 fitters on site and full compliance with all lifting and H&S regulations.

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