operable partition wall in school space
Type 100K

The operable partition with more possibilities.

operable partition wall with magnetic and writable board finish

Recognized worldwide for  design and flexibility.


Omni manually operated panels offer optimum space flexibility.

Available in single or double point suspension (double point shown).

operable partition wall in a school building

Unparalleled quality and acoustic performance.


  • ​Visible edge protection made of aluminum, on all sides

  • Certified sound insulation up to 54 dB RwP

  • Interlocking vertical seals for superior acoustics

  • Industry-leading quick-set operation of mechanical seals

  • Integrated operating handle assures an easy use and movement of panel

  • Optional ESS microprocessor-controlled operation of pressure bar available

  • Multiple finish options with anti-fingerprint, veneer, acoustic and digital print as well as vinyl, antibacterial, magnetic and writable finishes