Type 100 | moVista

The mobile partition wall with more possibilities.

Mobile partition walls have virtually limitless applications. Hotels and conference centres, schools and kindergartens, banks and insurance companies, restaurants and dining halls, offices and conference rooms, gyms and dance schools, community halls and auditoriums, shopping centres and museums...
If you want to be flexible, choose the mobile partition wall systems from HUFCOR. A cost-effective decision with high utility.

With our HUFCOR moViSTA mobile partition wall you set aesthetically pleasing highlights. You also create light and space, because transparency and sound insulation are not mutually exclusive.


  • Because the surface has no border, when closed the partition looks like a solid wall.
  • Certified sound insulation up to 57 dB RwP
  • Vertically interlocking seals deliver outstanding sound insulation
  • Industry-leading quick release for the top and bottom pressure beams
  • An integrated handle makes moving the modules easier
  • Optional microprocessor-controlled ESS operation of the pressure beams
  • Numerous design options, including anti-fingerprint, real wood, acoustic or digital print surface, vinyl; antibacterial, magnetic and writeable materials
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