GF Series

Acoustic glass wall with maximum transparency and a slim frame

The GF series combines maximum transparency with sound insulation, functionality and user-friendliness. With different glass options and a variety of available door handles, the wall can be customised to fit any room design.


  • Slim frame design with up to 12.7mm thick glass.
  • Certified sound insulation up to 38 dB RwP
  • No floor rail for easy and safe installation.
  • Tried-and-tested system with a wide range of parking positions.
  • Easy to align elements for optimal acoustics.
  • Various glass options: ESG, VSG, VSG acoustic - also in white glass as well as special solutions.
  • New floor locking mechanism: easy operation at waist level
  • Exclusive door solution and telescopic operating options: fast, safe, stable.
  • 25mm ground clearance: Flexible installation - adjusts to uneven floors or deflections.

Aesthetically pleasing and flexible room design

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