Flexible learning spaces

Plenty of space. No trouble.

The requirements for contemporary school buildings have changed. Schools are learning spaces that are inclusive and used all day long. This development calls for new structural solutions, for flexible space concepts. This in turn requires architects, organisations and educators to work together. We advise and support schools, kindergartens and universities on how to make their spaces more flexible.

Our mobile partition wall systems offer a whole new perspective on the use of space. Thanks to their quick and easy setup, you can transform your auditorium — without external help — into multiple classrooms with separate entrances, turning a single classroom into several small study spaces for individual support. Because our partition walls are not only easy to move and quickly and safely positioned, they are also highly soundproof.


  • More than 600 partition walls installed across Europe
  • In schools, kindergartens and universities
  • No floor rails
    → no risk of injury
  • Concealed door hinges
    → finger pinch protection despite flexibility

Quick and easy assembly. Highly soundproof.

Selected reference projects:

Pestalozzischule, Speyer • Schule zur Lernförderung, Bautzen • Erich Kästner-Schule, Leipzig • Dänische Schule, Flensburg • Steiner-Schule, Pratteln (Schweiz) Liese Prokop-Schule (Österreich) • Schule in der Alten Forst, Hamburg • Franz von Assisi-Schule, Waldstetten • Stadtteilschulen, Hamburg• Ganztagsschule, Bremen Montessorischule, Hannover • Bewegte Schule Lindenstraße, Berlin • Dietrich Bonhoeffer-Schule, Bayreuth • Kita Waldorfschule, Potsdam • Grundschule, Gelsenkirchen • Eichendorffschule, Stuttgart • Evangelische Gesamtschule, Wittenberg • Sportoberschule, Leipzig • Fachhochschule, Münster • Grundschule „Anne Langohr", Köln • Pestalozzischule, Pirna • Musikschule, Groß Gerungs (Österreich) • Tagesschule, Wohlen (Schweiz) • u.v.m.

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