Flexible training facilities for security organisations

Our systems are designed to meet the requirements and needs of the police, the fire service, rescue and other security organisations. Our training facilities are flexible and can be adapted to the specific requirements and needs of an organisation in no time at all. They are robust and durable enough to meet the most demanding applications.


Maximum flexibility:

  • Layouts within a scenario can be changed in minutes.
  • Setting up a complete scenario takes a team of four about 30 minutes.

FlexTac improves the following training units:

  • SWAT
  • Training for active gunfire exchanges, close combat (CQC/MOUT)
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Mock-up operations for specific missions
  • Breakthroughs with full force
  • Training in the dark
  • Crime scene investigation

Effective training for police, firefighters, rescue services and others

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